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Get relief from joint and muscle pain in the legs with these 7 easy home remedies

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Get relief from joint and muscle pain in the legs with these 7 easy home remedies

Leg pain often hits unexpectedly as stabbing pain that afflicts the muscles and joints. Mild leg pain is often the result of vigorous physical activity. Taking adequate rest, the joint and muscle pain in your legs should eventually subside. Serious cases of leg pain caused by accidents, injuries, and trauma are typically attributable to trauma, however, ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments may be necessary to speed up recovery.

The best treatment for aches and pain in your leg will depend on the underlying cause. Getting an expert medical assessment is the best way to figure out which treatment would be most effective in your case. In many cases, making lifestyle and dietary changes will help with the recovery process.

Check out these seven best home remedies for joint and muscle pain in the legs:

Home Remedy #1: Stretch your legs

A variety of stretching exercises help relieve pressure on the leg muscles and promote smooth blood circulation. One of the most beneficial stretches is the standing hamstring stretch, which requires you to stand in an upright position with one leg lifted. With each successive stretch of the leg, you hold your posture for 15 to 30 seconds, repeating three times and then switching to the other leg. 

Other popular stretching exercises include the sitting spinal stretch, knee to opposite shoulder stretches, and the sitting pigeon pose. Fundamentally, any stretching routine that decompresses the spine and loosens up your glutes will be purposeful. You could use another strategy to prevent swelling, such as raising your legs above heart level, which drains the fluids that create congestion.

Home Remedy #2: Rest your legs

When you are raising your legs due to strenuous physical exercise and experiencing joint and muscle pain, the ideal course of action is to obtain sufficient rest. Hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep is one of the best natural treatments for chronic pain. When you obtain sufficient rest, the recovery process in your body is faster.

Ideally, you should have at least seven hours of sleep per night, whether you’re in pain or not. If insomnia is a concern, try drinking cherry juice or eating a banana before bed. These fruits contain melatonin, which promotes sleep naturally and can be safely consumed without adverse side effects.

If you are taking dietary supplements or prescription drugs to help you sleep, see your physician to ensure that they are reacting to the meals you eat. In some instances, the chemical structures of the drugs or supplements may worsen the tension and pain in your legs, which you don’t want.

Home Remedy #3: Acupressure therapy

Acupressure therapy involves applying pressure on specific points of the body to stimulate recovery and healing. You can massage these points in the legs for relief. As you run four fingers from the shin to the knee, you should feel a bump in the knee or before you cross it with your pinkie.  Massage this spot for approximately four minutes.

You should feel relief as your body recovers using massage therapy. Take note that the efficacy varies from person to person, with some locating relief faster than others. If this will not help your situation, it’s best to visit a chiropractor instead.

Home Remedy #4: Yoga

Through Yogic exercises, yoga helps your body release toxins and open the channels of energy, which aids in medicine. You can even practice yoga in the comfort of your home, making it a stress-relieving exercise that also helps to reduce and cure joint pain.

The trouble with yoga is that one should properly practice the activities or poses to prevent injuring yourself further. Working alongside a professional or an experienced trainer is recommended. In addition to yoga, it is also possible to attempt Qi Gong, a home remedy for joint and muscle pain in the legs during pregnancy.

Home Remedy #5: Warm compress

You may be experiencing pain in the legs due to a lack of blood circulation. If this is the case, applying heat packs or a warm compress can often reduce this pain. Place one of these packs on the affected region for 10 to 15 minutes. Your muscles will begin to loosen up and relax, relieving you of pain.

Other heating sources include microwaveable pads, electrical pads, and wheat packs. Some unorthodox methods that can also help include using uncooked rice, warmed potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs.

Home Remedy #6: Magnesium & potassium in your diet

One of the best ways to deal with leg pain is by adding foods rich in magnesium and potassium to your diet. A mineral or potassium deficiency can lead to leg pain, so restoring these levels can help to alleviate some of the pain. There are a lot of great foods to get in magnesium and potassium, including tomato juice, plums, raisins, yogurt, fish, whole grains, and bananas.

Home Remedy #7: Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains analgesic properties, which soothe inflammation and relieve pain in the legs. On an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, drink a tablespoon or two as much apple cider vinegar. Alternatively, you can mix the resulting solution in your bath water before you bathe.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for alleviating leg nerve pain. For best results, use raw organic apple cider vinegar. If you prefer drinking it but can’t stand the taste, add some honey to make the apple cider vinegar go down easier.

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