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Saunders Replacement Pump / Gauge Assembly


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The is a replacement Saunders pump and gauge assembly for the cervical traction or lumbar system.


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Weight2 lbs

Cervical, Lumbar


5.00 average based on 6 ratings.
  1. ClickClick

    Wow, I love this new pump! I bought my Hometrac used from another site and have used it for several years. My original pump must have been bad from the time I first got the unit. I would have trouble holding pressure and I had to frantically pump to increase the pressure. In a matter of seconds, the pressure would start dropping. It would lose about 5 psi or more per minute. Since the unit was always like that from day one, I did not know it was not supposed to do that. The problem started getting worse over the years and I figured I’d try and replace the pump and see if it made a difference. Wow, what a difference! Now my unit holds pressure perfectly. It only takes about half a pump up to a full pump to increase the pressure by 5 psi. My old pump would take about 10 pumps in rapid succession to build 5 pounds of pressure. The pull now, with the new pump, is solid and firm. The pressure gauge does indicate about a 1 or 2 psi pressure drop per minute, but I think that’s more a function of my neck stretching than the unit actually losing pressure. This new pump totally transformed my Hometrac, it now works like it was intended. If yours loses pressure, then your pump is probably bad. Installing the new pump was very easy. I just had to unscrew the little cap behind the gauge, where the hose goes in. I then slipped off the hose, and cut off the stretched out end. Now I had a perfect, unstretched segment of hose to slip over the new nipple of the new pump. It slid on without any problems. Just be sure to snip off the stretched end of your hose so it will seal properly when attaching the original hose to the new pump. If you notice a metal ring on the hose when you remove the pump cap, take that off, because the new metal ring is in the new pump. You can see it if you look in the back of the new pump. That ring secures the hose to the pump nipple, and you don’t want two of them on there. I tightened the new cap and that was it. It probably took about a minute or less to install. I’ve used my unit twice now with the new pump and my neck feels much better. The results are better than before when my unit would refuse to hold pressure. A couple things to be aware of. My old gauge was marked with a red “danger” area between 40 and 50 psi. This new gauge is not marked with the warning. So I would not recommend going up to 50 psi, and this pump will do it and hold that pressure with no problem. Another thing is that when this releases pressure it does it fast. So you need to gingerly move it between pump and release, in order to slowly lower pressure. After a few tries you will get the hang of it. One thing I did was put some lithium grease, that is safe for o rings and rubber, on the shaft. This helped it slide smoother. I’m not sure if it’s recommended to grease the metal shaft of the pump or not, but so far it hasn’t caused any problems. It also made it slide smoother and quieter. Just make sure that whatever you use to lubricate the shaft is safe for rubber. The only downside is this pump is expensive. But then the whole unit is quite expensive, so it’s not a surprise that replacement parts are pricey. Also, this pump is a little difficult to find online, so it’s a good thing that Amazon sells it. This will really come in handy if you bought a used unit that someone sold because it doesn’t hold pressure. I’m not sure how long this new pump will last, I hope it lasts for a long time. If you are having trouble with your unit holding pressure, you need this pump.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I wasn’t sure how this would work with my neck device. It fit perfect, works better than expected. Fit exactly as I needed it. Very happy with the company.

  3. gopher

    I bought this for a Navy Seal friend of mine what was having upper spinal pain that was causing him a lot of pain and difficulty performing his duties. Within 2 weeks he was running and moving as normal and ready to take on the bad guys again.

  4. AR72704

    This gauge was purchased as a replacement for the original one that developed a leak on my cervical traction unit. It was easy to install and operates exactly like the original. , I am very satisfied with this item.

  5. Constance Mitchell

    Replaced the broken pump on my Saunders Cervical Traction Unit. Replacement pump works perfectly. NOTE: Instructions said to cut the end of the tube (connecting the pump to the unit) with a knife. THIS WAS NOT NECCESSARY as the tube slipped straight off the original pump.

  6. Alex Harper

    Other than the name ?Sunders? appearing on the face of the dial, it appears to be the exact same unit as my traction unit came with. The cost is commensurate with the cost of the unit overall, which was far from inexpensive. Good, solid quality, no issues.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hello, Thank you for contacting us. There is a manual included on the pump for easy assembly. However, if you need assistance, you can call the manufacturer's hotline at 800-336-6569 and one of the technical specialists will help you. Thank you!
  2. A Hello, Good day! The Saunders Replacement Pump / Gauge Assembly doesn't come with the tubing. Thank you!
  3. A Please call the manufacturer's product support to verify if the replacement pump will work for the model you have. Here's the contact info: 800-494-3395
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