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Traditional Shoulder Braces have forced you to sacrifice either stability or function. Now you can have both with the Sully shoulder stabilizer brace! On the outside, elastic straps attach with hook to the neoprene at any point in any direction, and with any amount of force you choose. You can functionally stabilize, assist, or restrict movement according to the specific needs of each athlete. On the inside, the perforated, breathable, rubber-like neoprene grips the skin so the support moves with the athlete. It’s as if the stabilization straps are attached directly to the body. The Saunders shoulder brace comes complete with a highly adaptable, bifurcated neoprene strap, and two additional 4″ neoprene straps. This shoulder stabilizing brace is worn by professional and amateur athletes in all sports!

The Sully? Shoulder Stabilizer brace is designed to stabilize, assist, or restrict the movement of the shoulder post-injury and postoperatively.

IDEAL FOR: Shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for anterior, multi-directional, inferior, and posterior instabilities, rotator cuff deceleration, shoulder separations, and muscle strains.

  • Stability and function unlike traditional shoulder braces
  • Elastic straps hook to neoprene in any direction
  • stabilize, assist, or restrict movement
  • Perforated, breathable, neoprene interior
  • Bifurcated neoprene strap and 2 additional 4″ straps
  • For pros and amateurs of every sport
  • Fits either left or right shoulder

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Weight3 lbs

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4.00 average based on 22 ratings.
  1. MichiganHockey

    I love playing hockey and dislocate my shoulder because of it. I was prescribed this to prevent it from happening again. However on Friday I dislocated my shoulder, AGAIN, even while wearing the brace. My shoulder hurts so much. I’ll need surgery. That will fix it.

  2. greasemonkey75

    I have had two previous surgeries on my left shoulder and I now require a third. Unfortunately, surgery at this time is not an option, which is why I chose to purchase a brace. I have had three SLAP tears, two dislocations, bicep tenodesis, etc… I’ll just get to the point that this brace is excellent. Not only is it comfortable, it is effective. The brace is versatile, it comes with multiple straps so that you can configure it to your needs/injury to alleviate the pain. Although my pain is not gone, this brace supports my injured shoulder enough to make it bearable. If you are looking for a good brace I highly recommend this one. I guess it is safe to assume that if you are reading this you are shopping around. I just wanted to give you some additional advice-not to purchase an OmoTrain brace. I purchased one and returned it because after six hours of wearing it my underarm was bruised and raw. Good luck and I hope this review helps.

  3. KAT

    Works well stabilizing my son’s shoulder while playing sports (Rugby).

  4. Hockey Guy

    Very well constructed brace. Comfortable lining. Runs a little snug across the bicep and upper arm so if you have larger arms I would recommend go up one size.

  5. tebright1

    I tore my rotator couple several years ago. It set me back from playing volleyball for over a year. I struggled and had to throw in the towel. This unit helped get me back in the game. I was able to lift and use the brace to help support my recovery. After a year of using it, I was back to playing almost at full strength. The unit is comfortable and easy to get one. After a year of using, I am seeing some tears in the pit area. Beside that the brace has been solid. It is also easy to clean. I highly recommend this to help aid in recovery of an injury!

  6. Shirley Woo

    I went to physical therapy for an arm that keeps popping out of the socket. Even after strengthening it for months, my extreme sports could still make my arm pop out of my rotator cuff and it would be very painful. I didn’t want surgery so I looked into this brace and my physical therapist helped me fit it and how to tighten it when I do crazy stuff and loosen it when I do regular sports. When I tighten it up, it adds about a 10-25 lb of resistance to my arm so it makes it hard to rotate my arm to the position where I can make it pop out of the rotator cuff but it is NOT impossible since I have grown stronger and stronger to accommodate the resistance and now I am so strong I actually CAN blow through the brace with those motions. But as my physical therapist said, it is supposed to help you know your stopping point and add resistance to help prevent movement into that position, not completely stop you from getting to that point – otherwise it would not be elastic and I would have to get a brace that would provide a full stop. I love the brace but after hours of sports, it does smell! clean it each time and don’t put it in the dryer. And the neoprene covers so much of your chest, back and shoulders, it gets really hot.

  7. TRP

    I bought this item for our son who is a varsity football player. He tore his Labrum (Shoulder cartilage) and had surgery. His orthopedist recommended a shoulder brace when playing football. Provides great support, washes well, and is very durable.

  8. Lori Terlecki

    The product seems to work ok but the quality has not been good. We have had the sully about 2 months and within a month it had holes in it. I also tried to get in touch with the company we bought it from and wasn’t successful. I couldn’t get an email to go through and there was no ph number to contact them. I was very disappointed all around. We would like to return it for another but couldn’t find a way to contact company.

  9. Tara G.

    The Sully Shoulder Stabilizer enabled us to finish our Senior season on the varsity volleyball team. After our first wear of the brace, we decided to eliminate the Velcro straps as they did limit our mobility on the volleyball court. We continue to wear the brace minus the straps. The compression and support the Sully stabilizer provides us has allowed us to serve, set, and spike with no concern of re-injury. I appreciate that I can just throw it in the washer with a load of clothes. The only negative thing I could possibly say about the Sully stabilizer is it makes us sweat profusely underneath the compression sleeve. However, that is a small price to pay for the substantial amount of support it provides.

  10. Tamera J. Kester

    The brace fits and works well but it is falling apart after less then four weeks of wear! It should be constructed better then this for what it cost!!!

  11. E. Roy Engle

    Sully saved my shoulder from surgery and many dislocations.

  12. Nathan

    Works great but it’s tough to breathe if you put it on too tight

  13. Dawn Campiso

    Very pleased with the brace, I was worth the money. The brace was purchased for my son to wrestle. He was comfortable in it and it helped with the pain while he was wrestling

  14. jeff leidigh

    the brace is of high quality and stabilizes my should but I’ve yet to see improvement in strength and normal movement. I probably have a slight separation of that shoulder due to a fall directly on the top of the shoulder joint.

  15. Matthew Z.

    This product was perfect for my issue

  16. Dawn S.

    Was in between sizes so there is some gapping even when pulling the straps and closures tight. Use an undershirt to help with the perspiration as the neoprene is very hot when you are exercising. Provides excellent stability in multiple directions. Different strapping combinations can support the shoulder in all directions. Allows functional use of the arm without feeling like the shoulder will pop out. The Velcro is very strong and holds just where you need it. Requires 2 people to put it on to get it on with minimal gaps and to get the straps tight enough to support the way they are designed to.

  17. JJN

    After my teenage daughter’s 5th shoulder dislocation, I did some research and learned this is the answer. No dislocations since. Before you do PT or surgey, try this first. It works.

  18. Anon

    I tried others, this one is far superior.

  19. Cynthia Smith

    needed for my son, used during rehab

  20. WDM

    Love it BUT it ripped in the chest area the third time I used it. I patched it with some extra Velcro provided with brace but it really should have held up longer then a couple of uses. I will say though the patch job has held and I have used it many times with no further issues and great support for an active hockey player with a rebuilt shoulder.

  21. jamie

    It is a good brace for my son.

  22. Lori Stover

    Used by High school football player to support shoulder.

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